Prevent Child Abuse Oregon Has New Leadership

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MILWAUKIE, OR, January 11, 2019 – Prevent Child Abuse Oregon (PCAO) is delighted to announce Pamela Heisler as the new Executive Director of Oregon’s provisional chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. PCAO has a vision that all children live in safe homes and communities, and they seek to achieve this mission by mobilizing communities and guiding a statewide commitment to stop child maltreatment.

“Having worked with Pamela in her capacity as the Director of the previously chartered Prevent Child Abuse Oregon, it has always been clear that her career, life experience and education have led her to be the ideal candidate to head up this extremely critical role” says Harold Goldstein, Chair of the Board of Directors. “Her dedication, organizational skills, creativity, drive and relationship skills have already provided our State with the leadership it so dearly needs to help assure our children will have a strong, healthy and supportive upbringing. On behalf of the Board of Directors of PCAO it is an honor to be able to support and work with Pamela to create the movement that will make a significant difference in bringing the light to the Children of Oregon.”

Pamela’s background includes over 12 years in not for profit, foundation and public organizations including founding the Oregon Foster Youth Connection to improve the child welfare system. She rebuilt PCAO and mobilized every County in the State to participate in Pinwheels for Prevention in 2016, and most recently worked to improve community engagement on behalf of the Department of Human Services.  Her Master’s in Public Administration, combined with her hands-on work experience have afforded her the opportunity to bring strong leadership to all the positions she has held. It has perfectly prepared her to provide leadership to Prevent Child Abuse Oregon.

The challenges are, of course, daunting. In 2017 there were over 11,000 confirmed victims of child abuse in our State. Without the support, counseling, and training provided by the many organizations helping to prevent child abuse or help families heal, such children face long-term social, emotional and health issues. The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention pegs the total actual cost per child at $8,309,280 over a lifetime. If we cannot significantly reduce the incidents of child abuse the State is looking at a cost of $9.2 Billion dollars just from the lifetime costs incurred from one year’s victims. PCAO wants to work with the public to shine a light on child abuse and neglect.

“Returning to prevention work is like coming home,” says Heisler. “The human loss that results from children experiencing abuse is untenable. We all must become strong advocates to end both the human and economic losses. There is nothing more important or more impactful, than making Oregon a place where all children live in safe homes and communities. I could not be more thrilled to be joining PCAO and focusing on ensuring our children never have to depend on the systems that care for them AFTER they’ve been abused, and rather grow up in the light of a much kinder and supportive community.”


Prevent Child Abuse Oregon is a provisional chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, founded in 1972 to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur. The mission in Oregon is to mobilize communities and guide a statewide commitment to stop child maltreatment, which includes the signature Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign each April during Child Abuse Prevention Month. To help PCAO meet these challenges please visit or follow PCAO on social media  facebook/preventchildabuseoregon & @OregonPrevents.


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