Parenting Through the Seasons 2020

This year, Prevent Child Abuse Oregon (PCAO) is partnering with Healthy Families Oregon (HFO) and the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries (OARN) to bring a few necessities to parents involved in either program across the state. Healthy Families Oregon is a free and voluntary family support and parent education home visiting program serving about 2,500 families annually. HFO focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship to assure healthy child growth and development. Relief Nurseries provide a unique array of comprehensive family support services that are easily accessible to low-income parents with children up to five years of age. Each of these programs has proven success in reducing children’s entry into foster care.

For our Parenting Through The Seasons campaign, there will be three seasonal invitations to participate starting with items for young children during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Having a child brings with it big changes and we know that all new families can use a little love and support from their communities. In these times of uncertainty, fear, and isolation, new parents need our support more than ever. For ever moment we can relieve the stress parents face, we can create opportunity for connection. 

Before COVID-19, we had planned to offer in-person drop-offs for donated goods, be we’ve retooled the opportunity to be 100% viritual via the Amazon Wishlist feature. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or glitches!

During the month of April, in honor of the #GreatChildhoods, we are inviting communities to support their local HFO and RN families with the following items:

1. Feeding Support (covers, nursing pads, formula, etc.)

2. Baby Wipes

3. Diapers (all sizes)

4. Toilet Paper

5. Baby Books (cloth or board books, multiple languages)

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